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Technology, however, has transported the practice from the confines of the library to the Internet, and in doing so has created a student-generated nightmare.

Imigranții s-au deplasat spre Montreal din toată Europa, consolidând numărul de comunități culturale consacrate, o comunitate greacă plantând rădăcini puternice în comunitatea de limbă engleză. Imigranții de astăzi provin din întreaga lume unii au susținut că sunt în mare parte mai laici decât membrii comunităților de limbă engleză consacrate. De asemenea, o proporție mai mare sunt de limbă franceză decât înainte.

A recent French surveyindicated that Within the university system, there has been an increasingly concrete response, yet the following figures indicate a problem common to all levels of study.

The most frequent type of electronic cheating was copying and pasting without attribution of sources. Inthe University of Ottawa disciplined students for plagiarism. Punishments were as severe as expulsion. Every field of study, from mathematics to history, from management to philosophy, is concerned by plagiarism as well as other forms of electronically assisted cheating which will be on the rise with the proliferation of technology within the standard classroom as well as the growth of on-line courses.

In the Quebec college system, students provided with portable computers used personal messaging to cheat. Over half of respondents had already dealt with cases of digital cheating.

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  • A group of professors from the four Montreal universities met in spring and invited colleagues working on Latin America from the perspective of social sciences to found a Latin American Studies consortium.

Plagiarism and other forms of electronic cheating are issues of deep concern within the Quebec system. Electronic cheating has shown itself to be a complex issue which has many aspects, notably prevention, Arta flirtei, effect on learning, current means of evaluation of student knowledge as well as moral issues.


This study does not purport to propose solutions to the issues that it raises, rather it seeks to sensitize collegial teachers and professionals to the extent of this problem in order that these people on the front lines of this technologically engendered dilemma can propose ways to solve it.

This section describes electronic cheating in its various forms with particular attention paid to plagiarism.

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It seeks to determine what motivates students to behave in such a manner. As a college teacher or other professional, if you find the degree of electronic plagiarism and cheating that this report treats is alarming, you Anglophone Dating Site Montreal invited to contribute to the feedback area at the end of each section in Profweb as well as the 'Comments' section.

First, Anglophone Dating Site Montreal will define electronic cheating in its various forms and why students are using it.

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Plagiarism and other forms of electronic cheating In most college Anglophone Dating Site Montreal, students are called upon to produce research or take exams either in a traditional classroom, a computer laboratory or at home. Students can be seduced into using electronic cheating, Anglophone Dating Site Montreal frequently plagiarism, in the accomplishment of these tasks.

This section will examine the complex issue of plagiarism and touch upon other forms of electronic cheating further on. Computer-assisted Plagiarism When students do research, they are required most of the time to indicate their sources according to recognized academic conventions.

However, as indicated in the study undertaken by the Science and Technology Ethics Committee CEST-Jeunessethese conventions repose on the intellectual honesty of the student and as such are not a foolproof protection against plagiarism or other cheating. If the other work comes from whatever electronic source, the terms "electronic plagiarism" or "technologically Cauta i o femeie Kargazstan plagiarism" can be used.

In an academic context, copy-paste and the purchase of third party work, authorized or not copyleft is an example are forms of this abuse. Copy-Paste One of the characteristics of electronic plagiarism is the ease with which it can be done.

A classic example of this is copy-paste.

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It can take the following forms: To copy a sentence, a paragraph or an entire page coming from an electronic source e. Webpage, blog, forum, e-mail, Word or PowerPoint document, CD Rom without placing the text between quotation marks and without citing the source.

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To insert images, graphic designs, data e. To totally or partially translate a text and to paste the translation without mentioning the source. Reusing Existing Work Another form that technologically assisted plagiarism can take is for the student to reuse previously created electronic assignments from third parties or other classes. Here are some examples: Downloading from the Web. In spite of their best intentions, Websites give access to a host of downloadable material which can be used for academic assignments.

Sections of sites such as Thèses électroniques at the Université de Lyon 2, Wikipedia and the Agora encyclopedia can also be the source of this type of material. Conversely, Websites devoted to cheating provide free academic downloads.

A site with the evocative name, School Suckshas an on-line library of 50, titles. Copying the work or the laboratory report of another student, with their permission, and claiming it as their own.

Reusing work produced for another course without having obtained permission from the instructor to do so beforehand. The Purchase of Academic Work The purchase of student work on-line has grown exponentially.

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This material can be bought already written or be written to suit. For several years, francophone and anglophone Websites have offered material from a multitude of disciplines for around ten dollars each.

The francophone site Oboulo.

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The students can specify the length of the work required less than 10 pages, more than 10, than 20 pages etc. Other sites offer to do the student's work for them.

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The student can custom order a project specifying level of language and whether or not to include errors in order to avoid suspicion. There is an additional charge for delivery within 48 hours.

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Finis les Anglophone Dating Site Montreal is an example of this type of business. For a look at various francophone and anglophone Websites which offer downloading course notes and student work as well as the purchase or the writing of student work, consult a study by Thot called "Étudier, plagier, tricher, empêcher la triche ou ne pas tricher — des ressources. This is generally found during exam situations and can occur in the following ways: In a computer lab, students exchange answers using text messaging on MSN.

Even if many cégeps and colleges block sites like these, they can be accessed by using their Internet interface. When a student uses a portable computer, information can be found on the Internet and used in responses. Students can text message using cell phones and receive answers from someone outside of the classroom.

Using the name and password of another student, additional information can be accessed. Why do students resort to technologically assisted Anglophone Dating Site Montreal Ignorance about standard practices for attributing sources Beginning in elementary school, students do research using the Internet. Often unwittingly, teachers encourage copy-paste activities to obtain images and text.

On line resources are frequently seen as in the public domain and not subject to the same protection as hardcopy resources.

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This situation can continue into secondary and college where the student can view copy-paste plagiarism as normal. Computer to computer file transfer via Internet enables the rapid and free transfer of music files, videos, images and software among other things without obtaining or paying for rights of use. Sincethis worldwide phenomenon has become omnipresent among youth and transformed into a culture of sharing without paying heed to legal barriers.

Speed of transfer and lack of payment fuel its growth.

Some students are therefore plagiarizing unconsciously, lacking the training that would make them aware of standards for the attribution of sources.

Many students experience peer pressure to plagiarize! Bergadaà and CEST-Jeunesse wonder about the example being set by teachers in the matter of citing or not citing sources. According to them what students observe going on around them influences their own actions. What gave them pause was the possibility of a sanction and… the tougher the punishment, the less one takes the chance of copying.

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Paradoxically, respondents felt that sanctions should be severe. One student counseled monumental punishment… to put the fear of god into plagiarists with punishment beyond reason. Practical Applications This section proposes ways to solve the dilemma of technologically assisted plagiarism.

It contains two sections — Prevention and Detection. Prevention The work of Bergadaà and CEST-Jeunesse are unanimous in proposing significant preventative measures before concentrating on detection and sanctions at all academic levels. This work should be done with teachers as well as students, in ministerial offices as well as in courses. Let us now explore the nature of these activities. At the ministerial and network levels Awareness about electronic plagiarism and its consequences is recent.

As seen before, its spread is linked to ignorance about rules for attributing Internet sources among students from their arrival at primary school. In the university network, various initiatives for promoting awareness have been undertaken, for example,UQAM has developed a plagiarism website for professors detailing its consequences and ways to avoid it.