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Descriere Welcome to AlKhattaba, the most successful matrimonial matchmaking application tailored to the Islamic culture! Matrimonial experts behind the app help the Muslim youths and singles from all over the world, and different Islamic countries to find the perfect husband or wife to establish a happy, solid marriage.

Contrary to existing mainstream dating apps, our success lies in AlKhattaba adherence to Islamic traditions and culture.

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It safeguards the privacy of its users at all stages - from registration until the final matchmaking — which explains the millions of Saudi youth depending on it for a marriage based on mutual understanding, trust, and compatibility. How to use AlKhattaba 1 - Download the app on your device 2 - Create your account 3 - Answer our culturally tailored matchmaking questionaire 4 - Chat with your most compatible matches App Security Islam dating site Seriousness To ensure the seriousness of its users, AlKhattaba is designed exclusively for matrimonial matchmaking.

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Any slander or misconduct coming from a given user can be reported by the other user. VIP Subscription and Renewal Alkhattaba is a FREE dating app for Muslims, but we offer VIP services, which will highlight the user's profile, give him access to direct support from our team of experts, and allow him to have unlimited chats.

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New users subscribing to the app can also benefit from a free VIP trial period. On behalf of all the staff at AlKhattaba, we hope you find your ideal partner for a happy marriage Inshallah! Trust your Mektoub!

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We remain at your service at any time. Please feel free to contact us at support et3arraf.

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