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Intalnire gratuita a Colmar is a French magazine cover from the s showing an above-the-knee amputee practising skiing - a picture that the Romanian snowboarder first saw during his recovery from a similar amputation and which has inspired him to become a Para athlete. After five years on the World Cup circuit, Papara has enjoyed a breakthrough season.

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The latter made him the first Romanian Para snowboarder to win a medal at the World Cup. Papara hopes this will bring more attention to Para sport back home so that nobody with a disability needs to spend hours looking for role models as he had done, only to settle on a foreign image dating back to more than half a century.

With his left pant leg hiked up, his prosthetic is clearly visible as he confidently rides towards the finish line.

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The choice to display his prosthetic so openly is intentional. One is the functionality of it because I need to access quickly the mechanism if Snowboard Dating Site need to change some settings, and the second one is that the visibility of the disability is important.

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Growing up in Romania, the references he got to people with disabilities were mostly negative, which made his above-the-knee amputation appear all the more devastating at first. I had a huge shock.

It was very difficult for me to accept my new situation, psychologically, socially.

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After a long search, he finally stumbled on the French magazine cover, which turned his life around and which is saved on his phone to this day. Despite never being a competitive athlete, he was drawn to the idea of using sport to overcome his impairment.

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