Cauta i Chlamydia Gonococcal Man

Cauta i Chlamydia Gonococcal Man

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PMID: Abstract Aim: To analyze clinical and epidemiological features in patients with gonococcal infection attended Dermato-Venerology Clinic in Iasi and regional dermato-venerology offices and to evaluate gonococcal antimicrobial resistance pattern. Methods: The study was carried out on patients clinically diagnosed and bacteriologically confirmed with gonococcal infection who were subsequently submitted to a questionnaire.

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We studied their demographic characteristics sex, age, nationality, marital statusclinical features site of infection, symptoms, concurrent STI, previous history of gonorrhoea and behavioral aspects education, number and type of sexual partners, safe sexual practices. Results: We found in our patients a strong association of gonorrhoea with young male individual, poor educational level and with clinical symptoms of urethritis.

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The level of antimicrobial resistance is higher than in other European countries. Conclusions: The poor health-seeking behavior, symptoms not specific enough, resistance pattern, lack of accessible and sensitive diagnostic methods lead to undiagnosed and probably mistreated gonorrhoea.

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