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Cumpără Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure

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Except for the fact that the raccoon talks and Sandra's friends include an artistically-inclined pyromaniac and a Burmese freedom fighter named after a video game character. But apart from that?

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Perfectly normal. But then, one fateful night a mysterious computer virus sucks them both into a cursed adventure game! One that will raise your hackles and make your fur stand on end as you and they have never experienced before! Dragons circle the skies above, a castle is under siege — this virtual world is a very dangerous place to be, indeed.

Sandra and Woo must go on an epic quest to seek a way back home, and in the process will find so much more. The game world is full of fantastic and bizarre characters, all of whom have their own agendas, wants and desires. Sandra and Woo will soon find out who exactly is friend or foe.

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Nothing is as it should be and even less is what it seems. And in the far distance a shadow, rising on the horizon, is threatening to swallow them all.

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Note: Brilliant puzzle-solvers might finish the game faster. Official Sandra and Woo Game Watch your favorite characters from the popular webcomic Sandra and Woo come to life for the very first time!

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All of them have their unique approach to the various challenges of the adventure. Full Voice Over Listen to thousands of lines of dialog recorded in English and German for a full voice-over. A soundtrack composed by professional musicians such as Jan Haak, Klaus Müller, Dimitris Liatsos and Björn Zimmermann provides the perfect atmosphere for every scene. Our heroes need your skills, your brilliant brain, your bravery and your good looks to make it out alive of this cursed adventure … Cerinţe de sistem.

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