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Cautari de perete pentru femei

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Namely, a video wall, a technological object increasingly used in the largest public places. This idea, taken over by the big airports in the world, was first implemented in the Republic of Moldova at Chisinau International Airport. The video panel is perfectly integrated into the modern design of the airport allowing passengers and visitors to enjoy superior quality and dynamic image diffusion.

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The video wall has many distinctive features and qualities so images are rendered in a special way. Besides the fact that this wall provides useful information for passengers, it also helps optimize the time spent in the terminal.

Mulder a zis ca trecut prin perete. Mulder, she said that he walked right through the wall. Știu un contrabandist care știe o scurtătură prin perete.

Therefore, the terminal itself is transformed into a place where travelers can spend their time in a pleasant and relaxing ambience. The video panel weighs more than a ton, measuring 23 m in width, 8.

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Also, characterized by a very narrow design, the distance between monitors is 3,5 mm, which creates an uninterrupted display experience.

Due to the technical features of this video wall, loss of brightness or any deterioration in image quality is prevented while simultaneous diffusion of information of a different technical or interactive nature is ensured. Avia Invest SRL continues to implement the most modern projects to significantly improve the quality of passenger service as well as optimizing the activity of the airport.

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